A long lasting smell containing essential oils to enhance the scent. Something to complete the experience at Ieuan James Barbers.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment

The Vitamins in argan oil promote healthy skin and scalp, argan oil not only promotes hair growth, but also helps you grow thick healthier hair.

Collagen Facial Moisturiser

Anti ageing collagen helps the skin to improve skin elasticity, prevents visibility of wrinkles and dryness.

Beard Oil

Nourishes and hydrates your beard making it more manageable, prevents beard itchiness and helps you grow a healthy thick beard.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is a lightweight texturizing spray. It adds volume, doesn’t weigh down your hair or give a greasy look.

Dust Matte

Ideal for a dry look with a long lasting hold, instantly gives volume and great for men with fine hair.

Matte Rock

Dry matte finish that gives an exceptionally strong hold. Works well with long or short hair, grease and shine free.

Fibre Cream

Fibre cream is a medium hold hair product, usually used on short to medium length hair, gives a natural dry look.


Pommade usually gives the hair a shiny, slick appearance. It is a long lasting hair product.


Gel can be used for different looks, if applied to damp hair then you will get more of a shinier look, for a more matt finish then apply to dry hair.